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Yoga Mala  500 Hrs Teacher training Course

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The Path:

Yoga Mala Teacher Training is a 500 hour certified course based on guidelines set out by the Israeli Yoga Teachers’ Association.  Yoga Mala’s Course excels to new standards in professionalism and spiritual knowledge.

Our Teacher Training provides a spring-board from which mature Yogis graduate into an awakened world to shine, and to spread the ever-present inner happiness which is everyone’s birthright!

This inspiring, life-changing journey intends to walk each student consistently and stably through an accelerated self-evolution that ultimately empowers them to transcend their fears, peel away unnecessary baggage and habit energy, and enter into a new state of loving and Being.

Then, the student emerges from fear, like the butterfly emerges from the darkness of the cocoon, into full and joyful flight.

At the end of such a year, our students often look back in amazement, and gratitude at the road they have traveled, and smile.

The Sangha (the Team):

Roxi and Boaz lead this revolutionary spiritual unfolding, together with a team of experienced staff teachers who are especially skilled in the supporting, containing, and deep listening that such a process requires.

In addition to the staff teachers, we are blessed every year, with a unique and dedicated group assistants, who are especially chosen from our previous Teacher Trainings. Our assistants are available throughout the Course to answer questions about homework, books, timetables, and to provide guidence from they’re own unique path.

The Content:

Yoga Mala’s Course content encompasses Yoga Asana, Pranayama, Meditation and practical philosophy, as well as Yogic Nutrition, Tantra, Energy work, Anatomy, Education and so much more!

Students learn how to structure practice sessions and how to assist and adjust other students both verbally, and physically. Through content, and process, almost without noticing, the magic happens.

The Outcome:

Our students are skillful and caring Yoga Teachers who carry a timeless spiritual tradition into a new millennium.

Many graduates start teaching immediately after the course ends, opening studios, workshops, classes and journeys of their own!

If, perhaps, teaching Yoga is not your dream and you are interested in taking this course, in order to have an empowering – life changing experience, you will find yourself going beyond your borders into unimaginable freedom!

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