TT Open Days

Open Days and Workshops with Roxi

◾ The upcoming workshop 01.06.19 in Michmoret (for details about the workshop) from 09:00 to 12:30
◾ Vinyasa practice, pranayama and meditation.
◾After the workshop we will answer questions about the Yoga Mala Teacher Training course.

Other dates where you can meet Roxi and get intimate with her teaching

  • 22-24.05.2019 – At the International Yoga Festival in the “Schane ” (link to the festival website). After the workshop we will meet in the outdoor cafeteria to answer questions regarding TT 2019-20.
  • 01.06.2019 – Workshop with Roxi, in Michmoret  followed by a short meeting for TT  – details click here
  • 15.06.19 TT Open Day 09:30-11:00 at Yoga Mala Studio, Michmoret: 1Hr Asana practice followed by Q/A.
  • 20/06/19 at the Int. Yoga Day in TLV in the “Tachana”
  • 20-22.06.2019 – At Israel’s Yoga Festival (link to the festival website). After Roxi’s workshop, we meet  in the shaded area near the juice stand, to answer questions about the Teacher Training Course.
  • Open Day / Workshop – (Early September No date yet)
  • 29.10.19 – first day of TT 2019-20 !!!
  • Hope you Join us!

for more information please call the office: 077-443-1201